Nokia Asha 210 User Guide Manual Pdf

Nokia Asha 210 User Guide Manual Pdf - Vice President and GM of Global Partners and Nokia Application Development, Bryan Biniak, said the production process of deep integration WhatsApp on Asha 210 is a project that involves working shoulder to shoulder through the ideation, design, product scope and requirements, as well as support the development of WhatsApp.
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Through that process, Nokia and WhatsApp get valuable feedback from the operator ecosystem partners and customers who will use the phone every day.

Cooperation Nokia and WhatsApp has lasted many years ago, when it first comes WhatsApp on Symbian phones and is now in Asha and Lumia models.

Why Nokia chose WhatsApp as its main partner in the proliferation of similar applications? Biniak said as WhatsApp and Nokia have each other to align in some areas.

"Neither Nokia nor WhatsApp is a company that focuses obsessively on creating the best mobile products for consumers. WhatsApp mission is to ensure every consumer to have access to fast and reliable communications anytime, anywhere," said Biniak.

Mobile Asha 210, Nokia said, utilizing the strengths of both companies. However, integration is not only in the provision of special keys WhatsApp, more than that.

WhatsApp on Nokia phones are also integrated into the galleries to facilitate the sharing of photos, then contact manager (contact management), so sending messages through WhatsApp becomes easier as sending SMS.

Nokia Asha 210 is dubbed as a social phone comes in two models, one SIM and dual SIM card, featured Wi-Fi to allow users to connect to the Internet when socializing using Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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