Pantech Flex User Manual guide Pdf

Pantech Flex User Manual guide Pdf - Easy expertise is sweet if you're thinking that you wish mobile floaties, however it dramatically limits the facility of mechanical man -- and when many weeks, you will gather the spirit to create the jump to plain mode. normal mode comes with the standard version of mechanical man, with a refined Pantech overlay. The keyboard layout on each versions is larger than the common mechanical man layout, and takes up a giant a part of the screen for easier and a lot of correct writing. you will get Swype too, if you'd rather glide around rather than faucet.
Pantech Flex User Manual guide Pdf
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The Flex conjointly comes with a one.5-gigahertz dual-core chip and runs on AT&T's 4G LTE network, which is, frankly, overkill, however notwithstanding speedy. The 1,830 mAh battery lasts simply in need of an incredible 2 days, even with 4G on, thus you if you forget to require your pills, you will not need to keep in mind to charge. you will get 8-gigabytes of storage, that you'll be able to boost to 32-gigabyte by loading a microSD card behind the rear cowl, thus you will have lots of area for movies and photos, though the screen is not the best.

 The screen is bright, however at 960-by-540 pixels, it isn't that sharp. you'll be able to conjointly blame the PenTile layout, that makes fonts look fuzzy. Unless you rummage around for it, though, it isn't terribly noticeable. For an inexpensive phone, the show is okay, however it's nothing to rave regarding.

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