Oppo N1 User Guide Manual PDF

Oppo N1 User Guide Manual PDF - In addition to performing with the unique features of the camera and behind the surface of the body that functions like wqzxc a touch screen, OPPO N1 still leaves another surprise.
Oppo N1 User Guide Manual PDF
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Like many other smartphones, of course, the operating system that carried OPPO N1 is Andoid. Well, therein lies the surprise.

OPPO N1 newly launched supposedly will be offered in two variants of the operating system. Both are relying on Android, but one of them is made by CyanogenMod. Yes, as we know, CyanogenMod is a custom ROM pembesut renowned in the world of Android.

Whereas other variants still rely Color Android UI which is the optimization results OPPO own.

Reported previously, CyanogenMod has now officially established as an independent company is currently trying to establish cooperation with a number of components smartphone maker.

As for the allegedly objective to follow the success of Xiaomi is also a custom ROM that comes pembesut China. Xiaomi smartphone market also has been equipped with an exclusive custom Android ROM garapannya.

When you see the collaboration that made ​​OPPO and CyanogenMod, this could be the basis of the CyanogenMod goal, before finally actually offers its own smartphone besutannya.

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