Apple iPhone 6 User Guide Manual Pdf

Apple iPhone 6 User Guide Manual Pdf

While introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , Apple is reportedly working on phabletnya . One report said , the iPhone is trying various measures of performance of the iPhone began the 6 inch to 4.8 inch .
Apple iPhone 6 User Guide Manual Pdf
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Reported by the Wall Street Journal , Friday ( 06/09/2013 ) , Apple iPhone prototype shows interest in big screen , especially the 4.8 inch . Previously , the iPhone with the 4.8 inch screen is touted as iPhone Math .

Large screen mobile trend looks like it is being loved . A number of vendors vying to make phones with jumbo screens , including HTC and Nokia . Samsung itself has already started with the first release of phablet 5.7 inch , 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch in its product portfolio .

Sony mobile phones become the largest in this segment by presenting Xperia Z 6.4 - inch Ultra . Other vendors such as ZTE and Huawei are also not to be outdone make products with a screen size of about 6 inches .

" It is unclear whether Apple will eventually choose to follow the trend of multi - strategy and multi -device size besides trying to release a product variants at a price more affordable . Often test many Apple devices and configurations before deciding to choose one of them , " wrote the Wall Street Journal .

Apple likely made ​​phablet news was widely circulated since Apple reportedly testing the iPhone and iPad with a larger screen than it already is .

In recent months , Apple's request for a prototype smartphone screens larger than 4 inches to the component suppliers . A similar request was also ejected for the iPad that reportedly would exceed the size of 13 inch .

In comparison , the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen , while the iPad 9.7 inch , and the iPad Mini is equipped with 7.9 inch screen . Apple spokesman was mum about the report .

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