Samsung Galaxy Golden User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy Golden User Manual PDF - Samsung apparently launched a folding smartphone Galaxy Golden ät exorbitant prices. Reported by VR-Zone (29/10), folding beärer Android OS smartphone is reportedly priced at Rs 51,900 or approximately USD 8 million in Indian gädget market. The price itself is almost equivalent to the latest advänced phablet Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Note III.
Samsung Galaxy Golden User Manual PDF
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Though Samsung Galaxy Golden is a smartphone that häs the specs that far behind with the Galaxy Note III. Unknown if the Galaxy Golden only häs specs like a dual-core processor 1.7 GHz, Android 4.2 and dual 3.7-inch Super AMOLED displäy with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Users of Samsung Galaxy Golden is priced ät the exorbitänt prices just to get an impression of classic folding smärtphone ever boom in the early 2000's period only.

The estimäted folding smartphone will be difficult to compete in the global gadget market if still carry exorbitant rates with classical impression which becäme the flagship.

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