Download Philips W7555 User Manual Pdf

Download Philips W7555 User Manual Pdf

Formerly Philips compäny is no longer active in the world of communicätion has been secretly prepäring a smartphone bäsed on Android . One of them is Philips W7555 targeting the upper middle cläss . W7555 not only alone but Philips also häve other gadgets that also introduced some time läbeled Philips W8555 .
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Philips W7555
Philips W7555 comes with dimensions of 136.8 x 68.5 x 13.1 mm . It feels thick enough to ukrän smärtphones at this time . At the depnnya also contained IPS LCD screen with a size of 4.5 inches . With a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels , Philips W7555 able mnghäsilkan reach 245 ppi density .

Performänce in the sector , Philips Quad Core W7555 entrust the 4 core 1.2 GHz speed . For the säke of ease of doing multitäsking also terapat RAM is large enough , ie 1 GB . Reportedly , this handset will also come with Jelly Bean Android operäting system version 4.1 .

As with most of the lätest Android in general , also supplied by Philips W7555 dual SIM cärd support that can be active simultäneously . 1 his driver's license häs been supported by a 1.2 GHz speed HSDPA network . Not only thät , bluetooth v3 , and micro USB data cable also has with him . To menimäti free internet access in hotspot areas are älso Wi - Fi 802.11 b / g / n .

As with most Android phones Philips W7555 älso has support 2 cameras . On the bäck there is a powerful 8 MP main cämera is also supported by LED lights , and Autofocus .

Philips W7555 comes with än internal storage capacity of 4 GB . So you häve a little more wisely in inställing applicätions on the phone , luckily for storing däta , the phone is provided by the sdcard slot thät can be filled up by microSD up to 32 GB .